We invented a new wine preservation device where your wine never touches the air!

No Pumps

No Gasses

No Needles

To be more precise…

We will raise your wine business to new heights!

For Wineries

No more dating bottles, no loss of wine inventory, keeps your brand front and center, useful for tasting our library of wines, and allows you to taste your wines at their peak.

For Distributors

Use your samples until finished, show your wines perfectly at every venue, improves sales and pricing model for high end wines, brandable.

For Restaurants

No spoiled wines, use every drop, improved sales models, sale of quality and second glass is guaranteed.

For Wine Lovers

Ideal if you do not drink all your wines at once or you cherish to drink a variety of wines at a time then this wine press is for you.

For Event Planners

Whatever you venue or event, especially if you need all wines to be preserved for days at a time or over select holidays, the QikVin Wine Press is perfect.

Wine Competitions

The Qikvin Wine Preservation System would allow for non-aerated wines to be tested by lot and anonymously for competitions. This would ensure the wine is tasted at its best.