Wine Preservation...
Made Easy!

Keeping opened wine fresh for days and weeks.

How to Preserve your wine...
The Qikvin Way!

filling the QikVin

1. Decant Wine

  • Select a bottle of fine wine
  • Position the piston and the piston protector at the bottom of the QikVin body
  • Pour your wine into the QikVin and put the lid back on top
push air out

2. push air out

  • Push the piston up from the bottom removing the air through the top
  • The one-way valve keeps the air from coming back into the bottle
  • Wine remains fresh until served
pour and enjoy

3. preserve and enjoy

  • Pour wine as you normally would
  • The piston moves through the bottle as you pour the wine
  • The oxygen does not touch your wine
  • Enjoy fresh wine every time!

A Bottle of wine great!

Opened bottle
...needs QikVin!

Who is QikVin for?


For wine enthusiasts who do not drink all their wines at once. Perhaps you live alone, with family members who do not drink wine, or you drink more than one type of wine at a time this is perfect for you.


No more dating bottles, no loss of wine inventory. Keep your brand front and center. Useful for tasting your library of wines. Allowing you to taste your wines at their peak!


No more spoiled wines. Use every drop. Improved sales models where the sale of a quality second glass is guaranteed.


Whatever your venue or event, especially if you need all wines to be preserved for days at a time or over select holidays, the QikVin is perfect.


Use your wine samples until finished. Right to the last drop.


The QikVin Wine Preservation System allows for non-aerated wines to be tested by lot and anonymously for competitions. This would ensure the wine is tasted at its best.

Tasty wine on the second day and beyond!