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Ditch the pumps, gasses and needles, but keep the romance of the bottle. Make wine preservation simple with QikVin. Pre-order today and save.
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QikVin pivots to face masks for frontline medical workers

Why are these nurses all smiling?

MRH Products, the maker of the QikVin, has shelved their operations in order to help mass produce face shields for front line workers.

Markus Schneider the CEO of MRH Products is taking the lead to organize Wisconsin companies to manufacture and assemble the face shields.

Today we received a request from a forward surgical unit in the US military for face shields overseas! First shields went to Mt. Sinai in Illinois too, because the need is great! They are out the door today!

Keep up with the latest developments on the Milwaukee Makerspace Blog –


If you would like to support our front line workers, please consider supporting our Go Fund Me campaign! Aiming for $10k


Nurses in QikVin Face Masks

QikVin Revolutionary Design

Wine Preservation Done Right!

  • Preserving wine in way you expect- in an elegant bottle.
  • One-way valve allows the air to escape and creates a vacuum.
  • Piston pushes the wine by gravity through the bottle when poured.
  • No air will touch your wine again as you pour or preserve each glass.
  • No pumps, no needles, no gas cartridges, no ongoing expenses.

Our Kickstarter ended February 2017.

Fulfillment began June 24 2018!  90% Complete!

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airtight wine preservation

How It Works
Decant Wine

Step 1

  • Select a bottle of fine wine.
  • Position the piston and the piston protector at the bottom of the QikVin body.
  • Pour your wine into the QikVin and put the lid back on top.
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Push Air Out

Step 2

  • Push the piston up from the bottom.
  • Doing so will displace all the air through the top of the QikVin.
  • A one-way valve keeps the air from coming back into the bottle.
  • Wine will remain fresh until served.
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Preserve or Pour Wine

Step 3

  • Pour wine as you normally would.
  • The piston will move through the bottle as you pour the wine.
  • No oxygen will touch your wine.
  • Enjoy fresh wine every time!
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wine preservation made simple

Our Innovation
bottles-250x250 new qikvin
QikVin Features
  • Colored O-Ring and Seal to Match Wines
  • Holds 750 ML in a Bordeaux Bottle
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Reusable
  • Keeps Romance of the Bottle
  • Scale in oz and ml
  • No Pumps, Gasses, Needles or Extra Parts
  • No Air Returns to Bottle While Pouring
  • Great for Artisan Oil and Vinegar
  • Compare Our Features with Other Products
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in the news
  • Prototypes from Midwest Prototype, Inc. completed!
  • Press Release goes out to Wisconsin Winery Association!
  • QikVin Selects Award-Winning Designer for Branding
  • QikVin Moving to Production
  • QikVin Wine Press To Be Tested Alongside Competitors!
  • QikVin Wine Press To Begin Tests in National Labs!
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QikVin Videos

Simple & Elegant
  • All
  • Basic Knowledge
  • Crowd Funding / Social Media
  • Wine Appreciation

Our Customers

Understand Our Products
For Wineries

No more dating bottles, no loss of wine inventory, keeps your brand front and center, useful for tasting our library of wines, and allows you to taste your wines at their peak!

For Distributors

Use your samples until finished, show your wines perfectly at every venue, improves sales and pricing model for high end wines, brandable.

For Restaurants

No spoiled wines, use every drop, improved sales models, sale of quality second glass is guaranteed.


The QikVin is ideal for wine enthusiasts who do not drink all their wines at once. Perhaps you live alone or other family members do not drink wine or you drink more than one type of wine at a time then this wine press is for you. The wine bottle may be laid on its side and refrigerated until it enjoyed as your vintner vinted it!


Whatever you venue or event, especially if you need all wines to be preserved for days at a time or over select holidays, the QikVin Wine Press is perfect.


The Qikvin Wine Preservation System would allow for non-aerated wines to be tested by lot and anonymously for competitions. This would ensure the wine is tasted at its best.

Our Team

Meet the Experts
Harald Tomesch

A leader in Wisconsin’s wine industry, Dr. Harald Tomesch is owner of the award-winning Chiselled Grape Winery of Wisconsin. He is an inventor, professor of Concordia University of Wisconsin, and a former college president in Canada. He is supportive of Concordia University matching innovation and talent in business.  Together with his wife they also write a travel blog called TravelTheseStones.com.

GRBQ-November 2016-1
Ralph Schmidt

Ralph is a pragmatic problem solver, inventor and entrepreneur. He lives near Toronto, Ontario and works as a Fire Inspector. He plays what he thinks is the sexiest instrument, the trombone.  Both Harald and Ralph have parents who endured the hardships of being POW’s in Siberia. They know how to be frugal, how to make do with less and how to build something from virtually nothing.

Markus Schneider

Markus Schneider is an engineer trained in Germany KIT (Karlsruhe Institute of Technology). His dedication to detail and innovation has brought our QikVin to life! Markus has studied in Calgary, Alberta during his education and is a well grounded engineer!

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