Testing Protocols

Protocol for Independent Test of Oxidation in Wine Preservation Systems Products to be tested: Cork in a Bottle (pour wine and cork) Control Bottle Vacuum Pump -Vacu Vin (pour glass & insert stopper -pump until clicking sound is achieved) Argon Gas – Private Preserve (spray invisible gas as directed on canister and cork) Coravin Model […]

QikVin pivots to face masks for frontline medical workers

Why Are These Nurses All Smiling? MRH Products, the maker of the QikVin, for a time shelved their operations in order to help mass produce face shields for front line workers. Markus Schneider, the CEO of MRH Products took the lead to organize Wisconsin companies to manufacture and assemble the face shields. We even received […]

QikVin Makes More Wines Available by the Glass!

As a winery owner, I have enjoyed many of my 65 awards winning wines (in 6 years) in restaurants that placed my wines on the menu!  People have no idea about the changes about to hit the wine industry.  Why?  Wine preservation has turned the corner and our QikVin wine bottle will revolutionize this sector […]

Math and Wine!

When I graduated from high school or university for that matter I thought that I had left math and science behind forever.  Can you imagine the irony of such thinking,  because as a winery owner and inventor, lab work, tolerances, physics and the like have all come back to bite me.  Take a look at […]

Deceptively Low Tech – Amazingly High Science

Recently, the Qikvin Instagram account of 1250 followers (August 2017) received a comment by one observer that our QikVin was “Deceptively Low Tech!” The post hit us squarely between the eyes because as we tried to keep the elegance of the bottle, our wine preservation’s innovation remained hidden by simplicity. In fact, our QikVin has […]

No Legs, No Nose and No Body!

No legs, no nose, and no body! Sounds scary, right? The wine industry has been held captive by an invention 300 years old – the good old bottle. It is time someone like ourselves, QikVin and company, to re-design the bottle for good! So that is what we did. All sorts of things can happen […]

Take7 Film Productions

The summer of 2017 was busy. On three successive days the film crew and cast shot the QikVin videos for our upcoming video campaign. Three short films were produced. On for social media, one on how to use the QikVin and a full length film on our dreams and aspirations.

2017 World Food Innovation Finalist

In December of 2016, the QikVin was entered into one of the most prestigious Beverage competitions, the –2017 World Wood Innovation Awards. During that time we initiated our successful Kickstarter campaign. When the finalists were announced we were thrilled to be present in London, England for the awards. Here are the results.

Family Legacy Business Institute

Former Concordia University Dean of the Business School now runs the Family Legacy Business Institute and he was glad to interview me about our plans for the QikVin in the coming year.


QikVin Pre-Sales Begin on QikVin.com and Indiegogo.com August 2017 Milwaukee, WI – July 19, 2017 –The QikVin Wine Preservation System has reinvented the common wine bottle. The invention, invented within a modern and dynamic winery begins by removing the bottom (punt) of a bottle and inserting instead a moving stainless steel piston which works in tandem with a one-way […]