Can I put my QikVin into the freezer to chill my wine?

We recommend against that practice. Chill your wine and Qikvin prior to serving.

Sometimes the piston does not move after I have put a new bottle of wine in the QikVin. Why does it do that?

If you pushed the piston up around the perimeter instead of directly in the middle, the piston might just become a little catawampus. Rotate the QikVin 90° to either the left or the right and grab hold of it again and pour. Just that slight adjustment should overcome a minor misalignment.

How do I make the piston go up level?

Just push in the middle of the piston.

Is the QikVin breakable?

Anything is breakable at some point. With normal use, the QikVin will not break. If it is full and dropped on a ceramic tile floor…let’s just say we cannot guarantee it will not break.

Can I put my QikVin into an ice bucket to keep the wine cold?

Yes that would be fine.

I tried rotating the QikVin 90° and it still will not move. What do should I try now?

Look at the piston and determine if you can see if one side is higher than another. Simply push up from the bottom again on the side that is the lowest.

Do I need to use the Piston Protector?

Yes. The QikVin will function fine without. The piston protector is there in case someone was to pour their wine into the QikVin and not have it standing on a solid surface. In this case, the piston will sink to the bottom of the body and fall out. It is easy to solve this problem. If you want to hold the body while pouring the wine in, just keep your baby finger under the bottom of the bottle. This simple action will stop the piston from falling out until you have the lid back on. Once the lid is in place and the air has been pushed out by pushing up on the piston, it can no longer fall out. Remember, we are working with simple gravity. Gravity can work for you or against you in this case. Once you have seen the piston in action it will all make sense. We do strongly recommend using the safety boot.


How often should i wash my QikVin?

After every use.

Should I remove the piston seals during washing?

It is not necessary to remove the seals for washing. If you decide to take them off for periodic cleaning, remember how you took them off as they are directional. The V-Rings both must face the same direction on the piston.

do i have to dry my QikVin after washing?

We recommend drying the QikVin with a soft cloth to prevent water marks.

Is my qikVin Dishwasher Safe?

Yes but only on the top rack.

Replacement Parts

May I purchase replacement seals for the piston?

Yes, they are available in our Online Shop

Can I get a replacement cork?

Yes, they are available in our Online Shop

May I purchase a replacement seal for the Lid?

Yes, they are available in our Online Shop

Product Info

Can I have my name or logo put onto the QikVin?

Yes, but only at the time of ordering. There is a surcharge for putting personalized information on the QikVin. Please inquire about the additional charges and shipping schedule. Personalizing the QikVin in large quantities is cost-effective compared to ordering only a few units.

What is the little wax seal on the side of the lid made of?

It is pewter.

What is the QikVin made out of?

Eastman Tritan, the same plastic that most water bottles are made of.

Is there a difference between a red and white wine QikVin?

No, there is no functional difference.

Can I put Champaign into the QikVin?

No. Carbonated beverages will be able to overpower the seals on the side of the piston and make the QikVin leak.

Is it BPA free?


What are the markings on the side of the body for?

They can be used if you want to pour serving sizes consistently. The scale can be read in either ounces or milliliters.

Misc. Info

Can you ship outside of the USA?

Yes. Special shipping and handling charges will apply.

Is QikVin looking for distributors?

Yes. We are always willing to work with someone who is able to bring our product to market.

Tasty wine on the second day and beyond!