How Qikvin works

The QikVin is a bottle that shrinks (so-to-speak) as each glass is poured. If seeing is believing, then you can visibly see how the oxygen is removed from the bottle.

  • No gas cartridges
  • No preservatives
  • No pumps
  • No needles
  • No ongoing expenses
  • No air returning to the bottle after each pour!

The QikVin turns heads at the dinner table and is a great conversation piece during supper or wine events. Best of all it preserves your wine on the occasion you do not drink all of it. No more spoiled wine nor loads of cooking wine, rather great wines as they were meant to be enjoyed down to the last drop!

The concept – If oxygen is the enemy of wine, then take out the enemy. The QikVin removes the air from the wine that you have decanted into our bottle. Once in the QikVin, air does not touch your wine until you pour it into your glass.

Your wine is preserved without oxidizing right to the last drop

The QikVin does not allow air back into the bottle. Preserving all of your wine down to the last drop without being exposed to oxygen.

QikVIn is easy to clean by hand or in a dishwasher

In the dishwasher, place each of the five pieces into any commercial or residential dishwasher. Even a high temperature cleaning cycle can be used. Be careful to place the lid upside down and onto a peg on an upper rack.

The lid is made of three pieces and tested to 300 psi pressure. It is however not meant to be submersed nor is the spout to be left full of water and standing in a dishwasher. Do not remove the v-rings for the wash cycle.

The piston brake may be removed and washed as a separate item. The piston is made out of 304 stainless steel and may be washed. In a commercial dishwasher washer temperatures can reach 180 degrees beware that the piston may become too hot to touch!

Tasty wine on the second day and beyond!