Ditch the pumps, gasses and needles, but keep the romance of the bottle. Make wine preservation simple with QikVin. Pre-order today and save.
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The QikVin was invented within a busy and flourishing winery.  

With over 40 wines open in our tasting room the preservation of wine and losses due to oxidation was a serious matter. This real-world problem led to the QikVin. Great inventions are simple – so removing the bottom (the put of the bottle) and adding a piston to remove oxygen through a valve in the neck of the bottle seemed easy enough.   Little did we know about the science and precision for such a project!  Unbelievable tolerances!

Why did we do it? – To preserve the romance of the bottle while giving our award winning wines days, weeks and months of stability.

You can think of the QikVin as a bottle that shrinks (so-to-speak) as each glass is poured.   If seeing is believing, then you can visibly see how the oxygen is removed from the bottle. No gas cartridges and no preservatives needed.  No pumps, no needles, nor ongoing expenses!   No air returning to the bottle after each pour.  The QikVin turns heads at the dinner table and is a great conversation piece during supper or wine events.  Best of all it preserves your wine on the occasion you do not drink all of it.  No more spoiled wine nor loads of cooking wine, rather great wines as they were meant to be enjoyed down to the last drop, that is why we say “Bottoms Up!” as we “Raise Wine to New Heights!”