No Legs, No Nose and No Body!

No legs, no nose, and no body! Sounds scary, right? The wine industry has been held captive by an invention 300 years old – the good old bottle. It is time someone like ourselves, QikVin and company, to re-design the bottle for good! So that is what we did. All sorts of things can happen to wine in the bottle before you even open it. It can be stored like a fine Spanish “Crianza” for mandatory periods of time in barrels before the mandatory year in the bottle before it can be sold to you. If not protected, wine in container ships en route to the USA can overheat.  See the post by Jancis Robinson on this matter.

Then there are the “tannins in the wine or the free SO2 that keep the wine intact until opened. Once opened the natural defenses in the wine deplete in short order.

Here is where our QikVin allows you to protect your wine and keep it intact until you aerate your wine. Imagine how little cooking wine you will have if you can enjoy your wines to the last drop? And who says your food is better served with oxidized wine rather than flavor-filled red or white wine anyway? That is something to think about!

Just look at the image below and see for yourself just how little air touches the wine in the QikVin! Then link on the video to see how the QikVin gets the job done!

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