QikVin Makes More Wines Available by the Glass!

As a winery owner, I have enjoyed many of my 65 awards winning wines (in 6 years) in restaurants that placed my wines on the menu!  People have no idea about the changes about to hit the wine industry.  Why?  Wine preservation has turned the corner and our QikVin wine bottle will revolutionize this sector of the wine industry.  Most people do not know that restaurants price out their wines by the glass in such a way that the first glass pays for the whole bottle.  The reason?  A restaurant cannot count on selling the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, or 5th glass from the bottle.  Hence a $6.00 glass of wine pays for the bottle and any further sales are gravy.   This has led to meager pickings for wines by the glass in most restaurants!  Wines that cost 20, 30, 40, or more were reserved for the wine list in a category  “Wines by the Bottle!”  Fear of wine oxidation and the lack of good solutions for wine preservation is at the heart of such a pricing model!

Enter the QikVin!  

We are bold to assert that the QikVin will change the way to dine at restaurants.

The good news about QikVin is as follows:


  • A Restaurant has no recurring costs: Ditch the ongoing costs (weekly, monthly, or yearly) of gasses, pumps, or needles!
  • You will no longer have to date your bottle or contribute to the billion-dollar losses through oxidized wines.
  • You will sell every glass of wine!
  • No more oxidation or wines will come back to your bartender described as brown, tainted or flat.
  • The QikVin is washable and reusable (home and commercial washers).
  • You see the air leaving the bottle and that’s it!  You can pour and pour and pour wine at its peak each time.
  • The QikVin can be branded for a restaurant’s house wines and popular brands.
  • The range of wines offered by a restaurant can now include those wines people have always wanted to try on the wines by the bottle list, bringing more sales to high-end wines.
  • Patrons can take their wine home in a sealed container and no longer feel compelled to drink the whole bottle, or they may start that second bottle knowing they can take the rest home.
  • QikVin promotes responsible drinking.
  • QikVin helps with those big evenings or events where you have dozens of wines open but no place for them at the end of the evening.
  • The QikVin is great for weekly events or to preserve wine when closed for holidays or for longer periods of time (supper clubs).
  • The graduated bottle in oz and ml prevent over pouring and keeps a check on new employees’ pouring habits.
  • The QikVin prevents UV rays from touching the bottle.
  • The QikVin has a steel piston that acts as a heat sink and allows a wine to be chilled and remains cold.
  • The QikVin keeps the romance of the bottle, you pour the bottle like any other.  No awkward two-handed pour, no gun at the end of your bottle, your preservation device no longer looks like it was developed in a doctor’s office (proctologists or urologists office).
  • There is no loss of taste nor is there any BPA in any of our materials!
  • The QikVin is a patented device made in the USA.

No wonder we have so many neat tag lines, like:




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