The QikVin Story

I am Dr. Harald Tomesch, founder of an award-winning winery and vineyard with nearly 40 years experience of making exceptional award winning wines. I have won 65 awards in the American Wine Society competition. I kept winning year after year in other prestigious competitions in New York (Finger Lakes) and in California (US National Competitions) too.

Passionate about wine and being a problem solver I knew we could do something about the $1.5 billion in stale wine being poured down the drain each year in America.

My most expensive wines were being wasted instead of tasted!

The bottle in its current form has been around for a long time. It is an old invention which I re-invented with the QikVin.

Wine preservation should not have pumps, gases, needles or bladders. Gross! Many have attempted to create a wine preservation product of sorts. They range from medical looking to Frankenstein-ish and everything in between. What they all had in common though was that they did not work.

At QikVin we perfected a bottle that performs
better than a wine bottle itself

The Problem: The inability to preserve wine once the cork has been popped is why so much wine is wasted. Before the QikVin the only solution to not having oxidation in wine was to drink the whole bottle once the cork had been pulled. Some may say, what’s wrong with that? Sometimes it is just not practical.

I tried to find products for my busy tasting room which hosted 45 open wines at time.

Pumps actually speed up the deterioration of the wine by drawing out the oxygen in the wine. Imagine the cost of ownership for gas cartridges and needles required for 45 open bottles of wine!

The Solution: My inspiration for the QikVin came after I rescued one of my Clone 6 Cabernet Sauvignon bottles from being poured down the drain!  I proceeded to drink one of the most important bottles of my life and drew on a napkin what would ultimately become a preservation bottle worthy of two full US patents.

All the materials of our QikVin are food grade approved and fully compliant with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA). They also meet the rigorous regulatory demands of the EU, ensuring they have no effect on the wine’s flavor. All materials are either 304 stainless steel, medical grade silicone or BPA free plastic.

Why not glass? Many people look at the QikVin and exclaim, “It is made of plastic!” Yes, they are correct. We use only Eastman Tritan (non Bisphenol A, BPA) plastic. This quality of plastic is used in baby bottles and the best re-usable water bottles.

Did you know that modern beer and wine bottles all have a plastic coating on the outside and the inside? The metal cans that food comes in also has a plastic coating on the inside.

Tasty wine on the second day and beyond!