QIKVIN WINE PRESERVATION | The Preservation of Wine
Ditch the pumps, gasses and needles, but keep the romance of the bottle. Make wine preservation simple with QikVin. Pre-order today and save.
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How We Will Test the Preservation Systems – 10/21/2015

We will purchase eight bottles of the same wine (a California Cabernet Sauvignon). Six will be opened and tasted to ensure they weren’t tainted in some way, and the same amount of wine will be poured or extracted from each bottle. Each of the six bottles will be sealed for two days using one of six different preservation systems. After 48 hours, the wines will be tasted blind (i.e., with no advance knowledge of which glass was which) and will be rated based on how close they tasted to a freshly opened bottle. The wines will then be resealed for another five days. On day seven, the blind testing will be repeated against another fresh bottle of wine.  A panel of wine industry professionals and seasoned tasters will taste all the wines.  Results to be posted soon!

National Labs Selected to Test QikVin- 10/22/2015